Gwen Hageman

Artist's Statement

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When I paint or draw, I do so because I see something that creates an intense emotional response in me and I want to share that with others.

I may see a landscape that makes me want to worship the Creator, or I may be present at a moment with some person's actions prompt me to feel intense love or compassion toward them. Sometimes the changing light of the sky shakes me because the beauty and grandeur is completely overwhelming. 

This variety of image and response then logically, produces varied art. At times I use watercolors, oils or pastels. My subjects may be landscape, portrait, or something that appears more mystical.


Gwen Hageman is an accomplished painter in oils, pastels and watercolor. Her key themes are seen as “A private response to people and beauty.”

She taught publicly and privately for a number of years and has a degree in art and history as well as a Master's Degree in Education. Her work has been displayed in local galleries and in private homes. She lives in Helena, Montana and at this time enjoys finding “glorious local landscapes” to paint as well as writing fantasy books for young children.

"The Art with a Purpose captured not just my imagination, but my heart. I worked with teenagers as a teacher and mentor for many years. Throughout my years I have heard private stories about sexual abuse. None is as sad or as gripping as the fate of those trapped in sex trafficking. I am excited to think that my art can make a difference in the lives of children. 75% of proceeds from my art sales will be donated to orgainizations that soley fight sex trafficking. "

May Manion

Artist's Statement

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“Creating art is a search for truth, and viewing art can be a catalyst for profound understanding.” … Cay Lang

May Au Manion is primarily a figurative painter working in oil and in pencil. Her series, the Nadia and the Light of Dusk Series are executed life-sized. Artist statements are available on her website at

One of the conduits of art is its ability to facilitate the artist’s expression of his or her passion. May’s work is motivated by a strong sense of compassion, capturing images of the human soul’s response to their life journey.

In sharing her heart and mind with her audience, she works from live models whenever possible to achieve images that are true expressions of her perception and interpretation. Thus creating works that are sincere, true and authentic.

May and her husband lives in Montana. Her works have been shown in cities in California, Nevada and Montana, receiving awards from local, regional and international juried shows. She is the recipient of the 11-99 Foundation Scholarship (CA) as well as the Sierra Arts Endowment Visual Artist Grant (NV).

In 2012, her work was selected and included in a collectable art book series- featuring artists globally. Creative Genius is published by Masters of Today (MOT) London available through Amazon.

May can be contacted via email: