Artist's Statement

“Creating art is a search for truth, and viewing art can be a catalyst for profound understanding.” … Cay Lang

May Au Manion is primarily a figurative painter working in oil and in pencil. Her series, the Nadia and the Light of Dusk Series are executed life-sized. Artist statements are available on her website at

One of the conduits of art is its ability to facilitate the artist’s expression of his or her passion. May’s work is motivated by a strong sense of compassion, capturing images of the human soul’s response to their life journey.

In sharing her heart and mind with her audience, she works from live models whenever possible to achieve images that are true expressions of her perception and interpretation. Thus creating works that are sincere, true and authentic.


May and her husband lives in Montana. Her works have been shown in cities in California, Nevada and Montana, receiving awards from local, regional and international juried shows. She is the recipient of the 11-99 Foundation Scholarship (CA) as well as the Sierra Arts Endowment Visual Artist Grant (NV).

In 2012, her work was selected and included in a collectable art book series- featuring artists globally. Creative Genius is published by Masters of Today (MOT) London available through Amazon.

May can be contacted via email: